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BEVERLY JOHNSON Wet-N-Wavy Braiding Hair 24″ (Strong Colour)

BEVERLY JOHNSON Wet-N-Wavy Braiding Hair 24

Please email us on which color you would like to obtain!!!

* Returns and Exchanges Policy

Your satisfaction is crucial to us!
100% Exchange/Returns on purchases produced inside two weeks.

The following must be met:
If you are not entirely satisfied with your buy, you could return an eligible item for an exchange or refund* within two weeks of the shipment date. Returns/Exchanges received right after two weeks are subject to a re-stocking charge for each item. Returns/Exchanges are processed within 10 company days of receipt. Original shipping and handling costs can not be refunded. If you acquire an item that is defective please call client service and we will gladly exchange it and send it to you free of charge. If you are exchanging a solution that you are not satisfied with, you will be accountable for the shipping expenses both methods unless we are at fault for shipping a wrong or defective item. Refunds and exchanges will not be accepted right after 30 days of the shipment date.

*BeautynSense has the right to refuse the return/exchange of any hair excellent based on the following reasons:

1. The merchandise must be returned/ exchanged in its original state. We can not accept wigs/hair pieces that have been utilised or worn, have loosened curls, have incredibly massive tangles, or emits odors.
2. The merchandise is damaged.
three. Pieces of the products are missing
four. It is past the acceptable return time of 30 days
5. Original tags and packaging are missing or damaged.

Product Characteristics

  • one hundred% PREMIUM HUMAN HAIR
  • WET & WAVY

Verify this video for far more info on human hair beverly johnson hair extensions:

Loc extensions, I purchased my hair from nearby beauty supply store, hair utilised was Beverly Johnson 100% human hair kinky bulk for .99 i bought two packs!! Th…
Video Rating: four / five

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12 thoughts on “BEVERLY JOHNSON Wet-N-Wavy Braiding Hair 24″ (Solid Color)

  1. they look GREAT! ^_^ thank you sooooo much for the post! ive been doing alot of research too cuz im like u im natural and i fell in love with yarn braids and now i want? locs (ppl be so dissappointed when they examine closer and find out they werent real) but i need a job im not goin through that ugly phase in my 20s! lol maybe as a child but not now! im gonna do it myself this summer once my hair cut grows back more. THANKS!!! YAY! LOL

  2. I love your video!!! I have loc extensions..I paid around 300 for them plus the hair, I think i bought around 3 or 4 packs @ 25 per pack. It was expensive but I am so pleased with the results. I did have a few that slipped pr broke off, and? i fixed them myself. Just a lil tip, Dont throw away the locs that may slip off. That was a big mistake I used to make. When you re- add the hair, it wont blend as nice as the rest. You did a nice job tho. I was like you, I just didnt want to wait.

  3. I’m like you. I do not want to pay all that money to get it done and I dont to chop it off. So I’m reaching to do it myself. I can braid my a@@ off so it shouldnt be a problem.. love your hair.?

  4. sorry it took so long to respond. but i? just twisted the new growth i didnt rewrap the roots because it seemed to unravel when i tried it that way. Thanks for watching

  5. I am? so Happy.
    I seen this video along time ago..
    I have been looking for it every since :-) )
    Yay I found it! MY question is how did
    you retouch up your new growth?
    Did you just rewrap the roots or just twist it?

  6. When I took ou my test loc, it took a while. I had to detangle from the ends with a fine comb. It? felt like my hair was already starting to lock. :) My advice? Wrap the lock down only, don’t wrap down and then back up. That way, when you’re detangling, you won’t have to deal with knots, like I did.

  7. I’m about to do this to my hair. I found the same bulk hair for $10 at a discountstore, but its not 16″ or anything. I did a test loc and it worked fine. I did have to feed in a few strands of bulk hair though. Right now, I’m just getting control of my dandruff and deciding on a color. If it’s going to be permanent, I want to start? them in a color I love. Your locks look beautiful. I can’t wait to see them grow out.

  8. @didi425 in order to remove them you’d have to cut the ends and comb them out. @blaquegemini i loved? the video it was very help,because I have loc extensions as well.

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